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Strange Things


It’s 1986 in the sleepy town of Dunstable, at approximately 1:15 am last night, lights gathered in the sky with an ethereal glow. Just as they had arrived they had disappeared and for the Fisher family, they found their son did too.

You are the top detectives assigned to the missing persons report, especially under the strange circumstances it’s imperative that you must find the truth and with that, their son Billy.

Strange things are upon us, but was it supernatural or something sinister?

You have only 60 minutes at the scene of the disappearance to try and gather evidence and solve the mystery!

Here’s a few things to note:
1. Booking is available as normal
2. All our timeslots are now staggered to avoid too many people meeting in reception at one time.
3. You must wear a face mask for any booking. You can bring your own or we can provide one. 😷
4. A maximum of two households/bubbles will be allowed in each game, according to government guidelines about indoor contact. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
5. We will be deep cleaning between every game and we now have extra time between games to make sure this is done thoroughly.
6. Most importantly, come and have fun! All 3 of our games are available to book and we’ve got a big NEW GAME announcement in the near future!